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It’s okay to be a loser.

The Upside-down Kingdom of Jesus is very different than the right-side-up kingdom of this world, where winner-loser is the paradigm that matters most.  A follower of Jesus has the imputed winnerness/worthiness of Jesus, and that frees the believer from needing to invest the rest of his life proving himself a winner, not a loser.  Following the winner-loser paradigm never leads to happiness, contentment, peace.  Always leads to intensity, stress, misery, as the believer strives for that which is valued by Satan/world/flesh.  Happiness is always fleeting, momentary, at best.  Inside the Believers’ Prison of Loser-avoidance, dwell pathetic addicts — men and women addicted to the winner-loser paradigm for daily living, unsatisfied with the imputed winnerness/worthiness of Jesus.  These men and women are to be pitied above all humans, for we wear the name of Jesus, but have not the benefit of Jesus.

–DumbSheepDave, experiencing LIFE more and more, hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing the difference Jesus is making in 2013

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