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All Christians are losers.

NONE of us are really satisfied with Jesus and His imputed worthiness. Our human-wisdom is lord of our lives, not Jesus. Our human-wisdom constantly pressures us to be WINNERS and HATES us being losers. Our human-wisdom dominates our thoughts, feelings, reactions as we go through our day, EXCEPT when the Holy Spirit opens our eyes afresh to see just how UNsatisfied we are with Jesus and His imputed worthiness, so we can CONFESS and be momentarily dead to our human-wisdom-reliance. Ahhh. Priceless.

We Christians suppress our fear of losing everything precious to us — health, relationships, reputation, ministry, savings, job security, housing. We suppress our fear of becoming LOSERS, living under a bridge. If you’re a Christian and don’t consider yourself a loser, maybe you’re living in denial of your deepest feelings — that you cannot BEAR to see the awful truth about yourself — that you’re a much-bigger loser than you’ve ever imagined? Is this why Jesus is such a little deal in our daily lives, and our human-wisdom such a big deal — such a dominant factor in why we do what we do, and avoid what we avoid? Not freedom but BONDAGE.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, Chief Loser, but happier, more content, more patient, more inwardly gracious toward others, than ever, because of so much convicting work of Jesus’ Spirit

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