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When I obsess over purchasing

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

decisions, or any decisions, or any situation, I NEVER have sovereignty-awareness, so I am NEVER curious/expectant to see what Jesus does NEXT, in me, others, circumstances, so I have NOT the benefit of Jesus in this life — I feel ALONE and in CHARGE. My life is UP TO DAVE. Just like any atheist.

I never experience relief from this oppression until the Spirit freshly opens my eyes to see my unbelief in the sovereignty of Jesus over every detail of my life. Ahhh. Tis so sweet when Jesus is freshly Lord of my life, instead of my human-wisdom.

Why do I obsess over some purchasing decisions? I dowanna have ANY regrets, wanna feel worthy. Pride, not humility. The humble are not afraid to fail, make mistakes. The humble LEARN from their mistakes, and thrive. The proud live under inordinate stress, and are sometimes paralyzed by fear of failure.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, never humble unless the Spirit freshly convicts him of his unbelief, and it doesn’t last long, because of his human-wisdom and the human-wisdom of others — especially experts

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