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The blog posts on this site began as prayer requests sent to Pray-ers, begging them to pray that God change me from a strong/independent/self-confident/self-reliant, to something else: something like the historical Jesus, who did not run from weakness, was dependent, meek, humble, and supernaturally loved those with very-different values.  I’ve discovered that these posts are rarely helpful to believers with relatively easy circumstances, but sometimes really helpful to those facing rugged ones.  As the Spirit works.


Why Dumb Sheep Dave? Because humans were made for dependency, like dumb sheep, and we encounter enormous stress when we created-dependents try and function as independents: shepherds.   Dumb sheep are protected from fear, frustration, discouragement, boredom, when we function as dumb sheep, looking to our Shepherd, curious and expectant to see what He will do next, rather than trying to shepherd my self, captain my soul, master my fate.

Dumb sheep are like a loved three-year-old, protected from him/herself by a loving Parent, and the three-year-old just has FUN.  Carefree, fun, stressless living.

Okay, Dave, I see that, but I’m such a shepherd.   How do I change myself to function more like a dumb sheep?  Impossible to change yourself in this way.   You, I, need fresh conviction of our sin of independence/shepherdness, over and over, so that over time, we begin to embrace, more and more, being dumb sheep, not apologizing for being so weak, helpless, needy, embracing the way The Creator made us: dependent.   And who gets the glory for our gradual change from independency/shepherdness to Jesus-dependency/dumb-sheepness?   Only Jesus.   Ahhh.

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dave mccarty

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