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I’m bored with Jesus,

whenever I have high ownership for my relationships, ministry, favorite sports teams, my next used car/motorcycle I’ll purchase, my health, my investments.  And because folks have been praying for more Jesus-dependency in my life, I’m finding it easier to spot the cancer of independency/shepherdness that leads to high ownership of areas of idolatry that are all good things, but distractions from being captivated by Jesus.

So what’s a guy ta do, when he spots high ownership in his life for distracting idols?   Confess.  The enemy wants me feeling defeated, not confessing, that I’m so easily distracted from Jesus, trying to find LIFE in good places, but not the best place.   Actually the only place where LIFE can be found.  But hope springs eternal for my flesh, that other areas can provide the LIFE it craves.

–ShepherdDave, needing prayer to get off his throne, and take the lowly place of DumbSheepDave, so his joy and peace are contagious, especially to pre-believers (please pray now)

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