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You will not experience the benefit of Jesus,

if you believe He loves you unconditionally, but you don’t love yourself unconditionally.  Pride.  Unconfessed sin/idolatry.  And if you don’t love yourself unconditionally, you won’t love others unconditionally.  Critic.  Judge.  Competitive.  Superior.

ShepherdDave loves himself conditionally and others conditionally.  Perform up to expectations and expect to feel love from ShepherdDave.  But woe to you if you fail.  Worldliness/pride is the root of ShepherdDave love.  Conditional love.  Which is lousy love.  The kind of love that makes this Cursed world so rotten.

DumbSheepDave loves himself unconditionally, and others unconditionally, even enemies, because he is captivated by the unconditional love from his ShepherdJesus to DumbSheepDave, and has no expectations for himself or others.  Nothing to prove.  Nothing for others to prove to DumbSheepDave.  Feels really good to be around DumbSheepDave.

–ShepherdDave, needing fresh conviction of the sin of worldliness, so he’s momentarily DumbSheepDave, experiencing the bliss of Jesus-dependency/humility, so the pre-believers around him might want a Savior too

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