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If you had three wishes

to change your circumstances, or the circumstances of those you love, what would they be?

1._______________ 2. _______________ 3. ______________

Now, suppose you don't get your three wishes and circumstances stay the same? SO WHAT? It's your human-wisdom and the human-wisdom of others convincing you what's best for you and your loved ones. SO WHAT that your human-wisdom doesn't get its way? Your human-wisdom has failed you over and over and over throughout your life, and has NEVER delivered the happiness you hoped it would. If those who love you most were asked to vote about your circumstances, they would all vote for EASIER for you and those you love. Their human-wisdom doesn't know any better than your human-wisdom, what's best. But Jesus KNOWS.

So whaddayado? CONFESS your unbelief in the sovereign reign of Jesus over every detail of your life, and His genius plan for your life that seems stupid to your human-wisdom.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, not a good practicer of what he preaches

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