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When I’m bummed by my failure,

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

I’m ALWAYS human-wisdom-dependent, NEVER Jesus-dependent. When I’m encouraged by my success, I’m ALWAYS human-wisdom-dependent, NEVER Jesus-dependent. A humble believer — a Jesus-dependent, is interested in his failure, but not bummed by it. LEARNS from failure. Benefits from failure. A proud believer — human-wisdom-dependent, is obsessively failure-avoidant. Unless extremely self-deceived.

The Christian life is not about MY performance, but Jesus’ performance, imputed to me as His adopted kid. The Bible is not about human performance, but the Savior’s performance, but most Christians think it’s about human performance. When the focus of my day is MY performance, rather than Jesus’ performance, I am seed cast on thorny soil, that is choked by worldly cares and does not reproduce. BECAUSE I’m operating with human-power, not Jesus-power. Just like any atheist.

No wonder the Church is so saltless and impotent in our day, compared to the contagion of the early Church, where Jesus was EVERYthing to believers, so they lived and loved with reckless abandon.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, not a humble believer, always needing fresh conviction by the Spirit, of his human-wisdom-dependency, so he can CONFESS afresh, and be momentarily self-forgetful — Jesus-humble and Jesus-loving, especially with seculars

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