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Wanting strong faith is an idol

for us Christians. Pride, not humility. We dowannabe faith-wimps. Dowanna FAIL at trusting Jesus for the harrrd, the scary, the uncertain. But we all struggle to believe, to rest, to be content with His genius plan -- especially the harrrd. The Christian life is not about OUR performance, but Jesus' performance. Jesus came for the sick, not the healthy. We QUALIFY for grace.

When we live in denial of our sickness -- our unbelief, Jesus is of no help to us. He is only helpful to sinners, failures. Our human-wisdom/pride HATES us being failures. The humble EMBRACE failure, are unshaken by being great examples of bad examples. The proud live in DENIAL of our failure, and we don't experience the benefit of Jesus in THIS life. And the seculars around us are not compelled by the Jesus in us, because there is so little of Him in us.

We Christians are daily, hourly, NEEDY for the work of the Spirit in our lives, freshly EXPOSING our unbelief to us -- our human-wisdom-dependency, so we can CONFESS it. Ahhh.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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