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Jesus is a sports guy.

How do I know this? Jesus is Lord of All -- including all sports. Why has Jesus created sports, competitiveness? I think -- to show us humans what it's like when human-wisdom is foundational to our lives, instead of Scripture. There is no competition, conflict, strife, war, without human-wisdom-dependency. Christians who are human-wisdom-dependent are intense, stressed, as we root for our favorite team in a close game. Christians who are Jesus-dependent, humble, have a healthy-indifference as to outcomes because they don't know what would be BEST. We human-wisdom-dependent Christians KNOW what would be best. The USA seems to me more human-wisdom-dependent than ever -- competitive, agendafied, polarized, upset when things don't go our way. And we LOVE being the Superpower of the world. Pride, not humility. The whole world seems to me more human-wisdom-dependent than ever. Scary place to be -- according to human-wisdom. By contrast, Jesus-dependent Christians are not focused on managing circumstances -- but eyes and thoughts are on Jesus, looking to see how He directs. Jesus-dependent Christians are enjoyable to be around. Nonthreatening, encouraging, humble, peace-loving, without self-agenda. No Christian experiences Jesus-dependency apart from the fresh work of the Spirit, EXPOSING human-wisdom-dependency to them, so they can CONFESS and be momentarily sane, loving, humble. Compelling to seculars. All glory to Jesus -- none to momentary Jesus-dependents. -- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, preachin to himself, a huge sports fan in his less-sane moments

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