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Sooo natural for us

Christians to trust our human-wisdom as we go through our day, instead of looking to Jesus. We don't see trusting our human-wisdom as sinful. Normal. Natural. Has been since The Fall. Seems WRONG to see it as sinful. And we wonder why we're so unfruitful with the seculars around us. Jesus-dependency is NOT natural. Nobody gets credit for Jesus-dependency. Except the Spirit of Jesus. And it doesn't last long in my experience. Whyzat? Because human-wisdom is all around us, outside the Church, but inside too. Like water seems natural to a fish.

How can we tell when we're human-wisdom-dependent instead of Jesus-dependent? When we are hurried, worried, frustrated, discouraged, bored, defensive, need to be right, failure-avoidant, suffering-avoidant, joyless and peaceless unless things momentarily go our way. When we're just like atheists, we're human-wisdom-dependent -- our human-wisdom tells us what's best, so we know how to pray -- how to try and direct the CreatorSustainer of the Universe. Yes, our names are written in Heaven, but we do not experience the benefit of Jesus-dependency in THIS life.

What can we DO? When we realize we're being human-wisdom-dependent, CONFESS. Ahhh.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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