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Self-acceptance is very dangerous,

without self-awareness.  Self-acceptance without self-awareness was Hitler’s plight, and other narcissists/sociopaths, and the Pharisees, and the proud/independent/self-confident/self-reliant/willful/agendafied.  The nicest, sweetest, kindest thing Jesus ever does for us kids of His, is to freshly open our eyes to be able to look inside and see how much worse we are than we previously imagined, so that, the good news of Jesus and His imputed worthiness, is really good news today, so much so that Jesus is momentarily everything to us and everything else is almost nothing.  If a believer feels worthy based on his own performance, or noting the poor performance of others, s/he is not self-aware, but self-deceived.  And dangerous.  To others, both believers and pre-believers, especially folks living under the same roof.

He who has a sense of having been forgiven little today, is loving little today.  Is loving others little, Jesus little.  And is loving little, Jesus’ genius plan for this Tuesday.  Including all the circumstances of this Tuesday.

–DumbSheepDave, feeling unusually loved and unusually loving, momentarily, as his Shepherd has been opening his eyes a lot lately, wondering if the pre-believers around him are noticing a difference

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