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If you're not aware

of what an egregious sinner you are as you go through your day, Jesus will not be a big deal to you during your day. Your human-wisdom and the human-wisdom of others, will be the big deal. You will be circumstance-dependent for your joy and peace -- not Jesus-dependent. The imputed worthiness of Jesus to you, will not be a big deal, but your own worthiness/performance/achievements will be the big deal. Human-wisdom will be lord, not Jesus.

Jesus has nothing to offer non-sinner Christians in THIS life. Jesus answers the sin problem, not just with DaddyJesusSpirit, but with ourselves -- our suppressed self-contempt. Only the unusually-self-aware about the egregiousness of their sin, are captivated by Jesus as they move through their day.

So how can we become more-self-aware? When alone, pay attention to thoughts, feelings, reactions, so we get to know the extent of human-wisdom-dependency in our daily lives. And each time the Spirit freshly convicts us of our self-absorption, CONFESS. Ahhh. Don't try harder to believe better, or ask Jesus for more faith. Sounds so spiritual. Pride, not humility. CONFESS. It's more honest, more transparent, for yourself, and before the CreatorSustainer of the Universe.

If we're bummed by our sin instead of CONFESSing, that's pride, not humility. Dissatisfied with Jesus and His imputed worthiness. We wanted some of our own, but failed. Honesty is the best policy. Denial weirds us.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, MrHumanWisdomDependent

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