• weakdave

I cannot fathom, Jesus,

how absolutely wonderful it will be in Glory, to never again feel ALONE and in CHARGE of my life. Deliciously dependent on You, 24/7. Never again feel pressured, hurried, frustrated, discouraged, bored. Ongoing bliss. The only thing that helps me fathom Glory, are the tastes of Heaven I experience when Your Spirit freshly convicts me of my human-wisdom-dependency, so I can CONFESS and then feel a total eclipse of my heart by Your love. But in Heaven it won't be temporary.

Thank You that the nicest, kindest thing You ever do for me, is have Your Spirit freshly EXPOSE my human-wisdom-dependency, so I CONFESS and experience the momentary bliss of Jesus-dependency. Ahhh.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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