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Humility/faith is not something I practice,

not something I will into existence, work on, but something done to me from Above. I get zero credit for any humility/faith that shows up in my life. I am powerless to make myself humble, loving, grateful, Jesus-like. The nicest, sweetest, kindest thing He ever does for me, is fresh conviction of sin, especially the sin of independence/pride/confidence/willfulness. My relationship with Jesus, my obedience to His commands, is not up to me, so I get zero credit for being salt and light, for spiritual health, zeal, contagion.

So what do I do when I realize I’m boring to pre-believers, distrusting, proud, unsatisfied with Jesus and His worthiness imputed to me? Confess. And if that doesn’t result in joy and peace? There’s yet more sin/idolatry to which I’m blind, that needs exposing by Jesus’ Spirit, so I can further confess. Ahhh. Now it is well with my soul.

–DumbSheepDave, experiencing the momentary bliss of Jesus-dependency, wondering if the pre-believers around him are noticing a difference in 2014

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