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Huge unrecognized-and-therefore-

unconfessed sin/idolatry in the Church, is understanding-idolatry, the plight of humans since The Fall, both nonChristian and Christian. So common to the human experience that we see nothing wrong with it. We read books, articles, listen to lectures, sermons, seminars, to GROW our understanding. We LOVE understanding. Why? We cannot navigate our day, make decisions, control our circumstances, without understanding. We don't ASK Jesus, we just willfully follow our human-wisdom, or the human-wisdom of others. There can be no human-wisdom-dependency without understanding-idolatry. No wonder seculars are not drawn to the Jesus in us human-wisdom-dependent Christians -- there is so little of Jesus, so little Jesus-dependency in us. Jesus-dependents do NOTHing on their own -- living and working out of communion with Jesus throughout the day, experiencing a peace and a joy in the face of hardship that is contagious to seculars.

How can we Christians become more self-aware so we recognize more clearly the problem in ourselves? Pay attention to our thoughts, feelings, reactions, especially when alone and undistracted, hoping the Spirit might EXPOSE to us, our human-wisdom-dependency, so we can CONFESS. Ahhh.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, who confesses a lot, because he's convicted a lot

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