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All angry Christians

are self-righteous/prideful. All Christians trying to fix/change other humans, unless asked, are self-righteous/prideful, leaning on their own understanding, wise in their own eyes. Human-wisdom-reliant. Includes government-forced morality on others. The conscience is reached by love and humility, but forced-morality is resented and resisted. The biggest problem with democracy is that the majority attempts to force its morality on the rest. Bitter divisiveness, like we have today, with both sides fighting for a majority. Democracy only works with humble humans.

All humble Christians are enabled by Jesus to enjoy/love everyone just as we are, today, and everything just as it is, today, no matter how wrong, stupid, unjust, unfair. All humble Christians see Jesus behind everyone and everything, all according to His genius plan. All humble Christians are THANKful for everyone just as we are, today, and everything just as it is today, no matter how wrong, stupid, unjust, unfair, all according to Jesus’ genius plan. All humble Christians are transparent/honest when hurt by others, not stuffing, but not demanding others change. All humble Christians are unusually-self-aware and unusually-self-accepting, therefore quick to see and confess their sin/idolatry, are not defensive at all when criticized or ridiculed. All humble Christians experience happiness — joy and peace that has nothing to do with their circumstances. All humble Christians are seed sown on fertile soil that reproduce a hundredfold. All self-righteous/prideful Christians are seed sown on thorny soil, choked by the cares of this world, and do not reproduce.

I’m not saying, do nothing. I’m saying Jesus isn’t Lord — our human-wisdom IS.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, not a humble Christian

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