Who gets the glory for our gradual change from independency/shepherdness to Jesus-dependency/dumb-sheepness?  


Only Jesus.   Ahhh.

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a different approach


Proclaiming the Gospel today in a skeptical world, needs to be done in the context of individual relationships, so seculars can hear from a believer they have come to know and trust, how Jesus is impacting the life of the believer, setting the believer free, from the worst aspect of the human condition: the notion that independency is desirable, and dependency, anathema.

i have a dream

I’m trying to maximize the secular experience: the experience that a secular has with a believer. I have a dream that one day many seculars  will have a wow experience in his/her friendship with a believer. How can this happen, unless God overhauls the believer, so the believer is full of Jesus-humility and Jesus-love, another way of describing supernatural humility and supernatural love? How can a believer be changed in this way?

He who has a fresh sense of having been forgiven much, is freshly wowed by Jesus, and this wow is contagious.

When the Spirit freshly convicts the believer of the sin of independence/strength/confidence-I-know-what’s-best/pride, the believer is freshly undone, contrite, unconcerned about performance/reputation/feeling-good-about-self, and able to engage non-believers from a place of weakness/humility/meekness/freedom/joy/peace/fun/contentedness, so the secular is wowed and wants what the believer has.

The weakest links, the people who need to be changed the most, are we believers, not the seculars. No matter how much we’ve been changed by God, we are still the weakest links, the ones most needy of further overhaul. When we think we’re the together ones, we are the most uncompelling, unfruitful, especially with the turned-off, including the antagonistic.

ShepherdDave, needing prayer to be content to be DumbSheepDave, curious and expectant to see what his Shepherd will do next, instead of trying to be shepherd of his own life, captain of his own soul, master of his own fate, experiencing horrible stress