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What if the Bible isn’t true,

that Jewish people invented the concept of God to make life easier?  And Jesus is a hoax?  That no God exists who is great enough to control every tiny decision of trillions and trillions of living creatures on land and sea of Planet Earth, along with all the thinking of all humans all the time?  Hurts my head imagining such a God, as the Bible claims.

Atheists need great faith to imagine the origin of all this, but so do followers of Jesus, and so do agnostics who don’t even want to think about the origin and maintenance of everything.

If the Jewish people had such a need to invent a Creator/Sustainer of the Universe for their sanity, because they were so pathetically fragile and insecure, I can understand that, because I’m just as pathetically fragile and insecure.  I neeeed to believe in a sovereign, loving Creator, and the message of Jesus, for me to have the amazing peace and I joy I have at times, regardless of circumstances.  I am weak and needy.  I am happiest when I’m a dumb sheep, and most miserable when I’m trying to be my own shepherd, captain my soul, master my fate.  I’m sticking with Jesus.  If that causes skeptics to pity me, oh well.  Bring on the pity.  I am so pathetically weak, that I need a Crutch, to get through my day.

–DumbSheepDave, small-brained barnyard animal who desperately needs a Shepherd to keep rescuing him from himself

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