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“Jesus, if you REALLY loved me,

you would give me MUCH-easier circumstances.” YES, YES, YES! Dave’sFlesh is convinced of this, cuz Dave’sFlesh is confident-it-knows-best, knows-what’ll-make-Dave-happiest. Dave’sFlesh knows NOTHing about delivering happiness. So Jesus loves me wonderfully when He opens my eyes so I’m disillusioned with my flesh’s view of reality. Scripture’s take on reality explains the pathway to happiness, peace, sanity — Jesus-dependency, Jesus as Lord of every detail of Dave’s life. Ahhh. Clueless-I-know-what’s-best. Impossible to be fearful, frustrated, discouraged, bored, unless I’m confident-I-know-best.

Like all humans — outside and inside the Church, I’ve been so deeply brainwashed to accept my flesh’s view of reality, that it’s taken a LOT of suffering, been excruciatingly painful for me, to become more-and more disillusioned with my flesh’s view of reality. Costly, but priceless, precious, beyond best. Suffering really does produce perseverance, then character, then hope/faith/dependency — beyond the best.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, still experiencing the painful retraining of Jesus, in a better way to live, wondering if the seculars around him are at times noticing the difference

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