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Jesus changing Dave in surprising ways.

One example is my latest tire purchase for my car.  My Subaru wagon is an authentic sports car in disguise: very fast, and corners amazingly.   So the tires I have purchased for it in the past, have been ultra-high-performance summer tires, that enable one to corner like a race car.   I have always loved to go fast around corners.  Why?  Proving myself worthy, I now suspect.  Satan has had a grip on me in the form of a worthiness-proving addiction, all my adult life.  Fast acceleration, fast cornering, prove I’m worthy.  I know, silly isn’t it?   Idolatry/addiction is irrational, silly.  Fruit of emotional dysfunction.

So when I went to buy new tires, I researched the ultra-high-performance summer tires, but I decided I didn’t need to prove myself worthy anymore, didn’t like going down that path, that trip, that addiction, and so I bought some boring all-season touring tires, that handle well, but nothing like the kind of tires I usually buy.

Sometimes I still accelerate rapidly, go round corners rapidly, because it’s fun.  But not so much.  Only fellow car nuts could appreciate the change Jesus has made in this big area of my life where I was so blind.

–DumbSheepDave, having the best year of his life, because folks have been praying

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