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Enjoying my work, life,

is a gift from Jesus, not something I can engineer on my own.  In fact, He frequently thwarts my plans to control my life.  Jesus is in the business of retraining me in a better way to live.  Dependently on Him.  And He uses suffering to that end.  Suffering comes from His loving hand and produces hope/faith/dependency.

My flesh thinks achievement will produce happiness, but my flesh is a bottomless pit of need, never satisfied, so I am never able to achieve enough.  My soul is also a bottomless pit of need, but its need is love.  Only unconditional love will satisfy my soul.  Only place to get unconditional love is from Jesus.  Only as I experience unconditional love from Jesus, am I able to extend unconditional love to others, and to myself.   Ahhh.

What do I do when I struggle to unconditionally love others/self, when I’m indifferent to Jesus?  CONFESS, not try harder to love better, believe better, and not berate myself for my unlove, indifference, unbelief.  Satan loves to nurture me toward self-contempt, which is always pride, never humility.

–DumbSheepDave, enjoying others, himself, and his ShepherdJesus,  more than ever before, hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing the difference Jesus is making in 2013

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