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You will never be irritated with yourself,

when you are Jesus-dependent. Humble. Only when you are human-wisdom-dependent will you be irritated with yourself. And others. Judge of all. Pride. You dislike Jesus' genius plan for your life today, and you pridefully want Him to FIX you, right now. Jesus is not ENOUGH for you. You want some worthiness of your own, and are irritated since you can't get it today. Not Your will be done, Lord, but MINE.

Welcome to my world. We are NOT content. We are USING Jesus to get what our human-wisdom thinks is best, and we do NOT believe Jesus has delivered the BEST today, and are unsure He'll do better by us down the road. Not DEAD to our human-wisdom but ALIVE to it. Jesus is not Lord, but our human-wisdom IS.

What can we DO? CONFESS each time the Spirit exposes our human-wisdom-dependency to us. Ahhh. The seculars around us need the Spirit to work in US, so we might have something compelling to these seculars.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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