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You have perfect circumstances today.

Cannot be improved one tiny bit, because they've been carefully crafted for you by SovereignShepherdJesus. Why doesn't He give me easier, Dave? Because suffering produces perseverance, then character, then hope/faith/dependency, and there is NOTHing that comes close to comparing with Jesus-dependency. Biggest need you have in your life today, even though your human-wisdom would have you believe that your biggest need is easier -- that easier would make you happiest. Your human-wisdom has NEVER delivered happiness to you -- only addiction to controlling your circumstances to deliver easier.

SovereignShepherdJesus is in the process of delivering us from the prison of human-wisdom-dependency, so our faith will be contagious to the seculars around us. The nicest, kindest, sweetest thing His Spirit ever does for us is EXPOSE our human-wisdom-dependency so we can CONFESS and be momentarily FREE. Ahhh. In Glory we'll be FREE 24/7.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, always forgetting what's true

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