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Why do I want to be more Gospel-centered,

more others-centered, less self-absorbed?  Why do I want to believe better, follow Jesus better, love better?  Why do I want to be more humble, less proud, less defensive?  Why do I want to be less critical/judgmental of others, less competitive, more gracious to others?   Why do I want to be more fruitful with the lost?  Why do I love DumbSheepDave, but hate ShepherdDave?

Because I wannafeel better about me.  Because I don’t CARE about Jesus and His imputed worthiness, and want some worthiness of my own.  Because I don’t like me, don’t enjoy me, the way I am, the way He’s created me to be, for right now.  And I don’t like His plan for my life, because I’m not where I wannabe as a follower of Jesus.

A humble believer is content with himself just as he is, is able to enjoy himself, just as he is, warts and all, and others just as they are, and Jesus’ genius plan for his life, just as it is.  And others feel his enjoyment of them, even his competitors/enemies.  A proud believer wants to be different, better; better than he is, better than others.  A proud believer wants so badly to be better, than he unconsciously suppresses his dissatisfaction with Jesus and His imputed worthiness, lives in denial of the truth about himself, focuses on the weaknesses/failures of others.  The humble believer doesn’t have a competitive bone in his body, is not failure-avoidant, intense, hurried, is a joy to be around.  A humble believer gets zero credit for his humility, because it’s a fruit of the Spirit.

–WeakDave, confessing his prideful sin of self-contempt, baby steppin at enjoying PatheticallyDysfunctionalShepherdDave, just as he is, trusting SovereignJesus to change ShepherdDave on His timetable, so the pre-believers around him might experience the love of Jesus

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