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Why do I feel compelled

to set people straight, to correct wrongheaded things people say, for example on Facebook, about politics or theology?  Why is it hard for me to keep silent?  Actually, I usually don’t comment, but I almost always feel compelled to.  Why is that?  It seems like a noble thing to set people straight, to mention something that is left out, to bring balance to a discussion.  Why can’t I just let it go?  Why does it bother me that nobody is speaking up for the missing point?  And why does it bother me that people are the way they are?  Why do I love having opinions about these things?  Why don’t I have a healthy indifference?  I suspect there’s nothing noble about my urge, my opinions, and I suspect it’s rooted in pride, not humility.

Maybe it makes me feel significant, that I’m making a difference in this world, if I make a contribution to a discussion, or even if I have an opinion, but don’t comment.  If I just let it go, keep quiet, I must feel less than, like I don’t make a difference, like I’m a nobody, loser, worthless.  I think that’s it.  My flesh doesn’t like me being clueless/childlike/dependent, needing a Shepherd to direct my thoughts and actions.  Having an opinion is being a somebody.  Commenting, even more so.  Posting this, even more so.

And I can never remember being concerned about the wrongheadedness of others while thanking Sovereign Jesus for His genius plan for everyone, just as it is.  Only ShepherdDave feels the urge to make political posts, or correct others, point out what’s missing in America, or the Church, bring warring factions together.  DumbSheepDave just thanks his ShepherdJesus for what is.  So blissful.

–ShepherdDave, unsatisfied with the Jesus and His imputed worthiness, wanting some of his own, needing fresh conviction of the sin of confidence/defensiveness/independence/pride, so he’s momentarily DumbSheepDave, liberated about being a loser/nobody, enjoying the bliss of Jesus-dependency/humility/cluelessness, so the pre-believers around him might experience Jesus

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