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When you feel trapped

by your circumstances -- no good options, causing you to feel joyless and peaceless, maybe even panicky, your perspective is being heavily influenced by your human-wisdom, not Scripture, which clearly teaches Jesus' sovereign AND LOVING reign over every detail of our lives. We do NOT know what's best, but He DOES. We are NOT alone, and NOT in charge of our lives, even though it SEEMS to our human-wisdom, that we are, or should be.

When we Christians are more influenced by human-wisdom than Scripture, we do not experience the benefit of Jesus in THIS life. We are just like atheists. My life is UP TO ME.

So what can we DO?

CONFESS our unbelief, which is way-better than asking for more faith. Sounds so spiritual to ask for more faith. Pride, not humility. More honest to CONFESS unbelief.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, who feels alone and in charge, most of the time, facing rugged circumstances

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