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When I’m most dangerous

to myself and others, is when I’m in an area of my expertise, with lots of knowledge and experience.   ShepherdDave, wise in my own eyes, leaning on my  own understanding, not asking or thanking Jesus, operating by puny-human power, no threat to the enemy and his kingdom, with a Jesus in me that is not making a difference, and therefore not contagious to the folks around me, both believer and pre-believer, though some folks might even think I’m a great guy.  So what?  If they’re not wowed by the Jesus in me, to the point of asking me about why I love them better than anyone else, and why I’m more humble than anyone they know, they’ll just think I’m a great guy.  More than great guy is needed.  That’s the work of the Shepherd’s Spirit.  But I can ask for the Spirit afresh, claiming the promise of Luke 11.

–DumbSheepDave, grateful for fresh conviction of the sin of independence, when it happens, hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing a difference in 2014

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