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When I’m being ShepherdDave,

I’m always intense.  I’m never intense when I’m DumbSheepDave: relaxed, uber-peaceful, contented with who I am, how I am, what I possess and don’t possess, competitive with no one, enjoying everyone and everything just as it is, including intense ShepherdDave.  Why would I enjoy ShepherdDave?  Because he’s the role that’s been assigned me by the GreatScriptwriter for now, and it’s only pride on my part to wish I were right-now different, better, not such an embarrassment to the Name of Jesus, and to myself.

“Recognizing the problem is half the solution,” they say.  So I find it very helpful to watch for intensity in me.  Paying attention to my thoughts, feelings, reactions, especially when I’m all alone driving in my car.  And when I spot it?  Sometimes I CONFESS, but sometimes I just smile, amused at how silly ShepherdDave is, obsessing over things that domatter.  Well, compared to Jesus they domatter.

—DumbSheepDave, feeling at ease at the moment, because of the convicting work of Jesus’ Spirit, with a healthy indifference to all the things that cause ShepherdDave to be intense, hoping the nonbelievers around him are noticing a difference

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