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When circumstances rob your joy and peace,

whaddayado? CONFESS your unbelief in the total sovereign reign of Jesus over every detail of your life. Irritated with your boss, co-workers, job, yourself, spouse, kids, health, wealth, politicians, news media, where you live, how you live? CONFESS that Jesus and His imputed worthiness are NOT ENOUGH for you. THANK Him for your frustrating circumstances that are an invitation from Him to draw closer. If you REALLY wannabe irritated with someone, get mad at Jesus! You dowanna believe He’s behind everyone and everything, because you’d rather be irritated than confess. Feels good to be irritated. Feels superior.

What you HAVE is exactly what you NEED, right now, for Jesus to do the work in you that needs doin. So WHAT if your flesh doesn’t like your circumstances? DOMATTER what your flesh thinks. Your flesh knows NOTHing about delivering happiness to you. Jesus knows.

Your circumstances are NOT the big deal in your life. The big deal is that your name is written in Heaven. But for you right now, that’s a little deal. You’re just like DAVE.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, unimpressive to the seculars around him, a failure a practicing what he preaches, except when freshly convicted of the sin of INdependence

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