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What philosophy appeals to me?

One where the people who espouse the philosophy/religion/theology, love me and others unconditionally, just as we are, whether or not we agree with their philosophy, follow their philosophy.  Not necessarily the philosophy that makes the most sense, intellectually, or scientifically, but the one where the people following the philosophy, love the best.   Are the most Jesus-like.  I will give my ear to the followers who love the best.   If I laugh at them, they still love/enjoy me, just as I am.  If I ridicule them, they still love/enjoy me, just as I am.  If I denounce them, they still love/enjoy me, just as I am.  If you want to win me over, you need to begin with love, not argument, and if you don’t continue to demonstrate other-worldy humility and other-worldly love, I will likely not listen to your answers to my questions/hangups with your philosop hy.   Other-worldy love is the most-compelling apologetic.

–ProudDave, needing prayer to be freshly convicted of the sin of independence, so he’s momentarily HumbleDave, with the power of Jesus enabling him to love the impossible to love (please pray now)

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