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What does faith/dependency look like?

Enjoying Jesus, enjoying others, enjoying myself, enjoying my circumstances, just as they are.   What if I’m irritated with myself for struggling to live this way, for being such a loser as a follower of Jesus?   That’s not humility, that’s pride.  Self-contempt.  Satan loves us wishing we were different, unaccepting of where we are in the unfolding story of Jesus changing us, more and more.  A humble believer confesses sin, but a proud believer is bummed by sin, and tries harder to do better in the future.  A humble believer enjoys Jesus, others, self, circumstances, just as they are, but a proud believer wants others different, self different, circumstances different, is not content with things, just as they are.  Jesus is not enough.  A humble believer is thankful to Jesus for everything, just as it is, doesn’t know what’s best for himself and those he loves, but a proud believer knows what’s best, and pleads with Jesus to make it happen.

–ProudDave, needing prayer to be HumbleDave, so the pre-believers around him will be wowed by a contagious Jesus in him (please pray now)

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