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We are not called to be faithful,

but commanded to be perfect.  Cheap grace challenges us, calls us to be faithful.  Grace commands us to be perfect, and has the perfect solution for our failure.  The Cross.  The Gospel is not merely about salvation, but also about sanctification – how we live as followers of Jesus.

Challenges to be faithful, appeal to our flesh, our independency.  This is possible.  I can do this.  I will do this.  I will try harder to do the right thing, be more Gospel-centered, believe better, do better.  The Gospel, grace, requires perfection.  Otherwise, we get the credit, the glory.

And when the Spirit opens my eyes to my failure, my imperfection?  Confess, instead of playing into the enemy’s trap of self-contempt, which is pride, and/or trying harder, which is also pride.  Confession leads to sanity/joy/peace.  And when it doesn’t?  More to confess that I don’t yet see.  Good to ask for the Spirit afresh, claiming the promise of Luke 11.

–DumbSheepDave, thankful for the impossibility of following his Shepherd, needing to be rescued from himself 24/7, hoping the pre-believers are noticing the difference his ShepherdJesus is making in 2014

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