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Two kinds of encouragement.

Human-wisdom-encouragement is when our performance -- or noting the poor performance of others, encourages us. The second kind of encouragement is when the Spirit freshly convicts us of our human-wisdom-dependency. This is Jesus-dependency-encouragement.

Human-wisdom-encouragement is well-intentioned but harmful, addictive. Jesus-dependency-encouragement is beneficial, and also addictive, because it's so indescribably delicious -- a taste of Heaven. I know, I know, it's such a part of our lives to encourage others when they perform well, and to receive encouragement from others when WE perform well. Could it be, that THIS is the reason the Church is so saltless and impotent, so uncompelling to seculars -- that human-wisdom-dependency is a far-greater problem than we've ever realized?

So what can we do when we would normally encourage a believer because of their performance? I'm not sure. I personally LOVE encouraging others, but I'm rethinking how to love others. Ideas welcome.

Howbout, "Look what Jesus enabled you to do!"

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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