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To meet me, you would think

I’m a strong, confident, competent, cool, caring, together man. You would be fooled. It’s just so knee-jerk natural for me to unconsciously come across that way. My flesh so vibrates to strong. Strong clothes. Strong car. Strong acceleration. Freshly washed. Enviable. No weakness anywhere. Oh yes, shoes shined.

Jesus and His imputed worthiness are simply UNsatisfying to me, UNLESS the Spirit freshly opens my eyes to see how pathetically insecure, immature, neurotic, deluded I am as a world-class proving addict. And then I’m enabled to retreat from being a secret competitor to everyone, a secret critic of everyone, and begin to enjoy everyone — including PatheticDave, just as we are, and everything just as it is. But it doesn’t last long, because my flesh is so enamored with other humans who also worship strong. I wonder if being blind and deaf would make me less vulnerable?

Then again, WHY would I want to be less vulnerable? Because I don’t like His genius plan for my life. Self-contempt/pride, not self-acceptance/humility/contentment. A humble believer is unbothered about being pathetic, because Jesus is ENOUGH for him. Instead of striving to be better, do better, believe better.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, needy for fresh grace — fresh conviction of sin leading to fresh humility, so Jesus would be the biggest deal in his life, so the seculars around him might want something he has

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