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The yoke of a created-dependent sheep,

trying to be an independent/CEO/orphan/shepherd, is extremely heavy, burdensome.  A Curse, weighing down the sheep: we get stressed, exhausted, from having the weight of the world on our shoulders.  Why do we sheep do this?  We believe a lie, that we’ll be happier functioning as shepherds/somebodies, rather than lowly sheep.  Common.  Ordinary.  Nobodies.  Losers, by comparison.  Unable to direct myself, captain my soul, master my fate.  No glory to me, because all glory goes to shepherds/somebodies.

But the Good Shepherd offers His own yoke to His sheep, and it’s as light as a feather.  Easy as pie.  And for those who are humbled by the Spirit, into wearing it, LIFE-giving.  Effortless existence when I function as DumbSheepDave, because my joy and peace have nothing to do with my circumstances.  Ahhh.  Tis so sweet to freshly trust in Jesus: freshly dead to being something I was never designed to be.

–ShepherdDave, needing prayer for fresh conviction of the sin of independence, so he experiences LIFE as DumbSheepDave, enticing the pre-believers around him to want what he has (please pray now)

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