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The watching world is bored

with Christians because they see in us what mere humans can do.  Human power.  Jesus makes no remarkable difference in our lives.  We are circumstance-dependent for our joy and peace, just like they are.  We do not operate in out-of-character-for-for-us kinds of ways.  We are not more humble than they.  Not more loving.  Not less competitive/critical/judgmental.  Not less us-them.  They don’t see in us the values of the Upside-down Kingdom of Jesus.  We’re just like they are.  They are not wowed by the Jesus in us.

They don’t need to change.  We do.  And we cannot change ourselves.  Brothers, sisters, what can we do?

We can ask for the Spirit, claiming the promise of Luke 11, that if we ask for the Spirit, He will give us the Spirit.  Fresh conviction of sin, especially the sin of confidence/self-reliance/worldliness/competitiveness/independence. We are just as failure-avoidant/proud/judgmental as any nonbeliever.  Boring.

–ShepherdDave, chiefest of worldly believers, who sees the problem, but is powerless to change himself

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