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The two highest forms of somebodiness,

are performers and professional critics at the highest level.  And critics are frequently those who have excelled as performers.  The third-highest form of somebodiness…most all humans can experience: amateur critic.

We all love to feel good about ourselves by the way we analyze and judge the excellence or inferiority of others and their performance, achievements, creations, designs.  TV, sports, books, movies, cars, homes, sermons, whatever.  We all love being amateur critics.  Nurtures my soul to sit in judgment of others.  The imputed somebodiness of Jesus is unsatisfying to me, most of the time.  Until the Spirit freshly convicts me of the sin of independence/critic — the sin of needing some worthiness of my own.  Especially at the expense of others.

The clueless, by contrast, are the happiest of all humans.  But nobody envies them.  We envy the professional critics and the other somebodies in the right-side-up kingdom of this world.  Both believers and nonbelievers are worshipers of excellence, strength, confidence.

Which makes the values of the Upside-down Kingdom of Jesus, weird.  Abundant LIFE is unknown, except by the weird.  The weird are indifferent to what others think, don’t mind being pitied, being considered weak/nobodies/losers/clueless.   But they live fearlessly, with reckless abandon.

–CluelessDave, happiest when he’s been freshly convicted by Jesus’ Spirit, of the sin of independence/critic, wondering if the pre-believers around him are noticing the difference Jesus is making in 2014

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