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The pride nobody confesses.

From mentoring lots of believers over the years, especially grace-junkies, I’m struck by the prevalence of unconfessed self-contempt.  Why is self-contempt not viewed as the prideful sin it is?  I think it’s because it seems right to hate yourself when you sin.  But it’s not.  A humble believer extends grace to self, just like Jesus extends grace to believers as we sin.  And we never stop sinning, because there’s a dark side of our motivation to every seemingly-selfless thing we ever do.  We’re much-more likely to extend grace to other believers, than to ourselves.   Especially other believers we like.  But not to self.  Pride.  We wannabe different.  Whyzat?  Good motive: for the glory of Jesus.  Dark motive: so we can feel good about self.  But Satan works hard at keeping us from seeing our dark motives.  Why are we so vulnerable to Satan’s deception?   Worthiness addiction.  Dissatisfied with the imputed worthiness of Jesus.  Dissatisfied with Jesus Himself.

Believers with self-contempt for every failure, don’t really care that God loves us unconditionally.  We want something more.  A humble believer cares not one iota for having zero worthiness of his own.  Jesus and His worthiness are enough.  Humble believers don’t mind being considered losers, failures, nobodies.  Don’t mind being pitied.  And aren’t enamored with their own successes, somebodiness.  Enamored with Jesus, no matter what.  And are not deflated by getting new large glimpses of their pride.

–DumbSheepDave, more self-aware than ever, confessing more than ever, enjoying Jesus, others, self, and circumstances more than ever, because folks have been praying

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