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The Pharisee imagined himself to be

a spiritual success, but Jesus pointed out his unfruitfulness, seed sown on soil that did not reproduce, to show him his spiritual failure, and the Pharisee hated Him for it.  ShepherdDave imagines himself to be a spiritual success, a good guy, because the outside of his cup is clean, he has his act together, feels qualified for leadership in the church, but like the Pharisee, he doesn’t want to face the truth about himself, that his faith is not contagious to the pre-believers around him, that his faith is sterile, non-reproducing, unfruitful, because he is the thorny soil, choked by the worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth, and the desire for other things.

–CompetitiveDave, whose flesh hates failure, doesn’t like seeing the ugly truth about himself, prefers to focus on the outside of his cup, so he can feel superior to others, but obviously needs fresh conviction of the sin of being unsatisfied with Jesus and His worthiness, so he might be momentarily DumbSheepDave, filled with the love of Jesus, compelling to the pre-believers around him

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