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The most-painful sin of all,

is the sin of self-contempt -- being irritated with ourselves. So most of us Christians live in denial -- unconsciously suppressing self-contempt. Too painful to even see, much-less embrace. As Jesus grows us in self-awareness our self-contempt is EXPOSED. And then we struggle to know what to DO with it. So many Christians end up addicted to substances, to work, to achieving, to proving we are worthy. But way-better is to CONFESS. Self-contempt requires pride. Self-acceptance requires humility.

How can we become more self-aware? By paying attention, especially when alone, to our thoughts, feelings, reactions, asking the Spirit to open our eyes and show us the TRUTH -- good and bad, about ourselves, Jesus, others, circumstances. So we can CONFESS. Ahhh.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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