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The idol nobody confesses.

The idol of different.  Huh?  Wanting a change of scenery, different clothes, different car, different motorcycle, different home, different location or vacation, different/newer technology, different job, or more success or different twist to my present job, different experience, different arrangement of furniture, different wall color, different church, different self.  Be somewhere else, doing something else, that could bring me joy, even for a bit.  Why?  I must not like myself just as I am.  And I must be bored with Jesus.  So I keep trying, hoping something different will sooth the hidden pain in my soul from childhood, that energizes my idol/addiction.  Never does, but hope springs eternal for the insane/independent/confident/adultlike/shepherd/idolator/addicted, who don’t like themselves just as they are.

Satan has been successful for years, in keeping me from seeing how dysfunctional I am.  I’m naturally self-deceived.  Just like the Pharisees.  I used to think I was superior to them.

–DumbSheepDave, beneficiary of the prayers of others, freshly convicted of the sin of independence, freshly aware of the wiles of the devil to keep the addicted from admitting their addiction, and freshly hoping the pre-believers around him are noticing in him a surprising contentment with everything just as it is, sometimes

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