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The greatest need of every Christian,

and every human -- is contentment. Contentment with our health -- physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, relationally. Christians do not experience abundant LIFE in this world, because we don't experience contentment. Jesus and His imputed worthiness are not ENOUGH for us -- our human-wisdom influences us to want something MORE -- some worthiness of our OWN, through things going our way, or our performance, or noting the poor performance of others. Our human-wisdom is the enemy of our happiness, and the root of our self-righteousness. And the root of our fruitlessness with seculars.

What can we DO? CONFESS, each time the Spirit opens our eyes to see the problem. Trying harder to be content is a fool's errand. The starting place for fresh faith/contentment, is fresh conviction of sin by the Spirit. But it doesn't last long, in my experience.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, Christian malcontent

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