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The emotionally-unhealthy believer needs

three things to have the kind of humility and love, that is compelling to seculars.  1) a deep foundation of Gospel-awareness in daily thought and deed, 2) significant longterm growth in self-awareness, 3) constant reminders throughout the day, of the sovereignty of God.  There are no emotionally-healthy believers in my view, but there are many believers who have better emotional health, but even they do not have the kind of humility and love compelling to seculars. has mentoring programs that provide a beginning in Gospel-awareness and self-awareness.  I have some free self-therapy material that has been used of Jesus to grow believers further in self-awareness, over time, for those who already have a deep foundation of Gospel-awareness.  Contact me if interested.  You’re on your own with #3 — constant reminders throughout the day of the sovereignty of God, to grow your sovereignty-awareness in all you think and do.

Interestingly, the more Jesus grows me in self-awareness, the more I need Gospel-awareness, and the more He grows me in Gospel-awareness, the further I can be grown in self-awareness.  And so it goes, back and forth for the rest of my life.  But if He doesn’t ALSO grow me over time in sovereignty-awareness, I’m DOOMED to being circumstance-dependent for my joy and peace — tossed to and fro by the waves of my circumstances, because my daily life is UP TO ME.

–Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, full of opinions, needing to be full of Jesus

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