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The biggest lie I believe,

in my less-sane moments, is that I know what’s best, for me, and those I love.  Without this confidence, it would be impossible for me to be the agendified, control-freak perfectionist I am, impossible for me to be intense, hurried, worried, frustrated, or discouraged.

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Jesus came to rescue me from myself, and I need rescuing every single day, all day long, because I’m so gullible about believing this big lie.   I’m ShepherdDave, leaning on my own understanding, being wise in my own eyes.

But when the Spirit of Jesus loves me well, and freshly convicts me of my sin of shepherdness/independence, I’m sane again, dunno what’s best for me or the other sheep, happy to be protected from myself by my Shepherd, curious and expectant to see what He will do next, and able to thank Him about everything, because sheep don’t know which things are thankable and which are not.   Ahhh, what a counter-intuitive-but-wonderful life.

–ShepherdDave, needing prayer to be DumbSheepDave more, so he’s havin fun, not circumstance-dependent for his joy and peace, the envy of those around him, especially pre-believers, so they want what he has (please pray now)

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