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The best leader is

not the chief expert, chief accuser, chief knowitall, chief competent, but rather….the chief confessor.   Humble.  Not just on the outside, but also on the inside.  The best leader finds his security in worthiness outside himself, which frees him to live and love self-forgettingly with reckless abandon. Jesus provides this alien worthiness to those wise enough and humble enough to die to their own worthiness and embrace His imputed worthiness.  But ain’t nobody wise enough and humble enough UNLESS the Spirit is overhauling him/her, and typically over time, so the death to self-worthiness is slower rather than faster.  Faster has its benefits, but it’s also more painful.  Best to surrender any timetable to Jesus.

Here’s a two-minute video clip of Nick Foles, MVP of the recent Super Bowl, that’s impressive to ME.  A good-but-not-great example of humility.  We Christian leaders have all mastered outward humility.  Inner humility?  Not so much.  Still.  Nick talks freely elsewhere about the primacy of Jesus in his life, but in this clip, just mentions his faith, as enabling him to deal with failure.  Chief confessor.  Our hearts go out to humble leaders.  Easy to see why the Eagles players rallied around him, as a backup quarterback entering the playoffs with the hero starter’s season-ending injury only a couple of games earlier, and nobody except the Eagles themselves, expecting the Eagles to win ANY playoff games, much less the Super Bowl, led by a backup without respect in the NFL, and without respect by Philly fans.

The worst leader is the one everyone fears; the next best is the one everyone hates, the next best is the one everyone loves, but the best leader, is the one when it’s all said and done, the people being led say, “Look what we did.”  Can’t find the author of this great quote on leadership.

— Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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