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Thank You, Jesus, for being in charge of every

detail of my day -- every day, even though my human-wisdom and the human-wisdom of others thinks DAVE should be managing my circumstances. I LOVE when Your Spirit freshly convicts me of my human-wisdom-dependency -- of feeling ALONE and in CHARGE, so I can relax and enjoy life as a spectator/observer, seeing You behind everyone and everything. I'm so naturally human-wisdom-dependent when I'm a judge/performer/prover/competitor, with intensity, hurrying, pressure. Thank You for the times Your Spirit RESCUES me from the heavy yoke of my human-wisdom. Nicest, kindest, sweetest thing You ever do for me, is to freshly EXPOSE to me, my human-wisdom-dependency, so I can CONFESS. And the nicest, kindest, sweetest thing You ever do for the seculars around me, is when you freshly EXPOSE to me, my human-wisdom-dependency, so they can experience a follower of Yours with some other-worldly humility and other-worldly love.

-- Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships

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