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Should I be thankful for feelings of discouragement?

Or fear?   Or frustration?  Most would say “OF COURSE NOT.”  We know what’s thankable and what’s not, because we are wise in our own eyes, leaning on our own understanding, confident-we-know-what’s-best.

We wanna FIX those feelings, instead of explore the root of them, asking Jesus to show us what’s really going on inside.  We are blind to our true flesh and its desires that control us so much of the time.  Truth be told, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to feel discouraged, frustrated, fearful, UNLESS I’m confident-I-know-what’s-best, which is another way of describing a believer who is functioning as an atheist, full of unbelief in Jesus and His sovereign reign over everyone and everything.  Or worse — arrogantly sitting in judgment of Him and His genius plan.

Here’s the biggest problem: if I’m living in denial of my true flesh, I will not be undone, contrite, other-worldly humble, full of other-worldly love, which means I will NOT be compelling to seculars.  I will be the chief argue-er, chief expert, not the chief confessor in the relationship.

Am I commanded by Scripture to give thanks in EVERYthing?  Surely not.  But wait, Scripture is clear: “Give thanks in every thing; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  So… I thankful for the ugly political divide in our land?   Am I thankful I’m so unfruitful with seculars?  Am I thankful I’m such a great example of a bad example of a Jesus-follower?  And if not, why not?  Pride, not humility.  The proud know what’s thankable and what’s not.  Only those freshly surrendered to a SovereignShepherdJesus are able to thank Him for the harrrd.

–Dave McCarty, GospelFriendships, who only sees the problem when he’s been freshly convicted of unbelief, and it doesn’t last long

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