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ShepherdDave wants to be AnswerMan,

the super-hero with all the answers to all the questions about the Bible, politics, health, and all of life.  At 72, ShepherdDave really does have a lot of knowledge and therefore a lot of answers, opinions, and he’s momentarily happy when given the opportunity to express his opinion.  But he’s pathetically circumstance-dependent for his joy and peace.  Horrible way to live.  Worldly.  Independent.  Prideful.

DumbSheepDave doesn’t mind not knowing, being clueless, looking to his Shepherd for answers, and sometimes not getting answers and having to trust Him.  Wunnerful way to live.  Blissful.  Dependent.  Humble.  But gets no glory for himself.

–ShepherdDave, needing the Spirit to freshly convict him of the sin of worldliness/independence so he can be momentarily transformed into DumbSheepDave, experiencing the benefit of Jesus, so he’s a blessing to the pre-believers around him

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