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Pete is one of the nonprofit CEO’s I mentor.   Understandably excited about this conversion.  Here’s his description from his prayer letter I received this morning.   🙂

Dear Pray-ers,

Last Thursday evening, as our last guests were leaving our Open House, Jaimee came down the hall dancing, as David must have danced in the streets of Jerusalem. She had just led a client to the Lord. It was a cause for celebration. He was the last client of the evening, and came looking for an expungement. He had moved from Hunting Park to Kensington after being shot on the street and watched his friend die of gunshot wounds. As he waited for his appointment, Pastor Jose spoke to him kindly and Josephine and others prayed for him. You too. My pastor’s favorite song, I think, is “Somebody prayed for me, had me on their mind, took the time to pray for me. I’m so glad they prayed, I’m so glad they prayed, I’m so glad they prayed for me.” After going through his record, and his life’s story, Jaimee asked “So are you a Christian?” “No” he said. “Would you be open to hearing about the gospel?” “Yes” he said. Having shown a genuine concern for him, Jaimee explained the way of salvation, that our sin separates us from our loving God and that Jesus came and died on the cross, as our savior. “I don’t want to pressure you to make a decision, but if you are ready to accept him..” “I’m ready” he said. “I’m ready to accept him.” Jaimee then led him in the “sinners prayer” and he prayed to receive Christ. She gave him a bible, the address of our host ministry in Kensington, and he promised he would attend church on Sunday. She then called the pastor and told him to be looking for him.

The people I was talking to were a pastor and a lawyer, best friends, who were dreaming about opening a legal clinic in Camden. As we left we commented that revival needs to start somewhere, sometime, why not here and now?

Tonight is our second clinic in Germantown, with an entirely new group of lawyers from Drinker. This morning I wondered if I am ready to share the gospel tonight, to show that genuine concern for the client. Do I have a contagious faith? We are about doing justice, and helping the poor, yes. But we are mostly about offering people a chance for a changed life through faith in Christ. What if that man grows in his faith, makes a Christian home, is able to find a good job, becomes a leader in his church, leads his friends to faith? That’s God’s plan for changing Philadelphia.

So please pray for us, for our clients, for a renewed sense of vision and purpose, for courage and faith to believe that Jesus really does make a difference in people’s lives. As a gardener, as I watch the seeds I planted growing and producing fruit, I understand when Paul says that one man sows, another waters, but God brings the increase. We each play our part, while not always seeing the harvest.

What a beautiful morning! I hope you enjoy your day today.

God Bless,


Peter M. Hileman

Executive Director

Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia

4455 N. Sixth Street, Suite 100

Philadelphia, PA 19140

(215) 399-0064 x1

Learn more about our legal ministry: Watch | Come & See

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